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Spring Mary „Muaterle“

The „Muaterle“ (endearment of „mother“) spring: Between mica-containing gravel and rocks the spring water flows out of the ground at a temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius (38.3 °F). The origins of the “Muaterle Chapel” can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. A boy from the city of Meran, who was suffering from an illness considered untreatable by many doctors drank the water from the “Muaterle” spring each day during the summer months and was miraculously healed. It was this same boy who, while playing in the sand and digging near the spring, found a marble stone with an image of Our Lady painted on it and a year written next to her. The boy took the stone to the innkeepers of the „Innerhütt“ inn. A short while later, a small chapel was built at the source of the spring. The original stone occupies a central place in this chapel. Source: Arnold Rinner.

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